Thursday, 23 February 2012

Where the Magic Happens!

I really wanted this blog to be about the 'behind the scenes' stuff at The Quilt Patch, so I decided to take a few pics and show you a little bit of my sewing room in my home. No....I don't call it a's far too small for that!
My old cupboard that houses odds and ends and part of my S collection!

This cabinet houses odds and bits, treasures, buttons and thread, fusible webbings and interfacings. Below is where I keep books and patterns. And as you can see.....I collect 'S''s! This is just a small portion of my S collection. One day I plan to actually get my S collection up on the wall! For now, there's always something else that requires my attention!

I have a gorgeous system in my closet! The wire baskets are from Superstore, and the shelving was custom installed according the the height of my baskets! Most people imagine I have tons and tons of fabric, but in reality, I am a 'project specific' purchaser! I do have some stash as you can see, but not as much as you might think!
I do love my polka dot sewing stool!

I have an ingenious system of baskets in which to store un finished
projects and odds and ends!

Another S!
And this next picture is purely for your entertainment and amusement.........
My daughter brought her mending over......hahahahaha!

I wish my room was glamorous and amazing....but it's not! It's simple, unfinished, not that large....and kinda messy! Watch for a blog involving Jeanne's sewing room coming one day!! She's way tidier than I am!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sewing Struggles

Well I had to have a good laugh at myself last night...for someone who is supposed to be a
'quilting professional' earning her living in the quilting industry.....I totally struggled to sew together a simple checkerboard last night! Remember that the next time you have to rip something out!!
Anything that could go wrong....did!
I'd like to say I read the instructions, but I didn't because there were none! We're working on a new pattern and what I had was Jeanne's scribbles on a piece of paper - not that that is any excuse!
Who struggles to sew squares together?! Me apparently!
How can sewing this simple checkerboard
be so difficult?
These stars actually finish at 30" x 30" it's not even like I can blame it on their tiny little size!!
Watch for this quilt to be completed and turned into a pattern very soon! It'll be debuting at our Spring shows! Made out of flannel! I guarantee you will love it! (and it's really easy too! I promise!)

The birth of a new pattern!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Quick Quirky Facts!

Did you know:

The building that houses The Quilt Patch was built in 1911 and was originally a bank? And that it features the original tin ceilings and wood floors?

That our first book Tis the Season is in its 6th printing and is considered a best seller?

The dog that appears in Tis the Season is owned by Mary Burns from Martingale? All the photos were shot in here home!

A UK book review on Urban Country Quilts talks about how 'happy' we look in our author photo? If only she knew, we're actually a little tipsy!

We are currently working on our 3rd book and second fabric collection?

Why we take our Office Manager, Jo, to Quilt Market with us? Cause by May, she's the only one of us that knows which way is up!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Radio Podcast

So we did a LIVE internet radio interview with Mark Lipinski yesterday! And lived to tell about it!
For those of you that know Mark, he's funny, energetic, inviting....and a bit of a loose cannon! As in, you're just not sure what he might say next! We love Mark, we've had him here at The Quilt Patch to teach, but an uncensored radio interview with Mark?! Sheesh! Anything could happen! Alas, he didn't give away all of our secrets!
Mark Lipinksi
As it turned out, he was very gentle with us! His questions were great and we had a very good time with him! It would have been much easier if we were all sitting in the same room and not on phones!
Mark's internet radio show is a 2 hour show he host every week on It's a wonderful show and I highly recommend you listen to the archived podcasts!  Especially the one dated 02/01/2012!

Click here to go to Mark's internet radio show!