Thursday, 19 July 2012

Big Weekend!!

Our Crescent Park Quilt Festival has been growing with every year that passes, and this year is no exception!! We have been planning and getting ready for weeks! Our staff have been cutting kits and packing the goody bags for the surprise party class!
Jo getting Goody Bag stuff ready!

Goody Bags for the Surprise Party class!

Not sure what Yvonne is doing but it looks important!!
Jeri cutting kits
Jeanne's packing area!
Jeanne has been packing lots of great stuff for display over at the park on Sunday! We have new quilts and kits, which is always exciting!
Our newest!!

Little Hoot

Close up! So cute!
We have stacks and stacks of quilts just waiting to be hung in the park on Sunday! Thank you to everyone who brought quilts!! It wouldn't be a quilts show in the park without your quilts to display!!

Stacks of quilts ready to be hung!!

Thank you Nikki!

And lots of red and white quilts!!
Our Red and White section should look pretty darn impressive! Be sure to look for the Where's Waldo quilt that will be on display!! It's pretty fun!
So remember - Sunday, July 22, 2012 - 10am - 4pm - in beautiful downtown Moose Jaw, SK. come and see the quilts hung in Crescent Park, among the trees, shop the merchant mall. A wonderful day!
And for those of you who can't make worries! I will take spectacular pics and post them here!

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Holy crap!! This deadline didn't sneak up on ran after us, dragged us down kicking and screaming!! I'm talking about book number 3. The manuscript is due into the Martingale offices Tuesday! We are scrambling here!

I'm not as much of a last minute person as Jeanne is, so I think I may be feeling the pressure just a bit more than her at the moment! Jeanne works best under pressure, and I fall completely apart! So, after she's picked me up off the floor the last few days, lived with my crankiness, and assured me numerous times we can do this, we are sailing into the final moments! Jeanne is now furiously editing my writings and illustrations. The projects are all done...well...ok...maybe not quite all.....
Our amazing staff has graciously stepped in and hand sewn many many bindings in the last few days so that we can meet this deadline. Thank you Flo and Yvonne!!

Wendy, who has long arm quilted a large portion of the quilts in this book, has graciously put our quilts ahead of her other customers in order for this deadline to be met! Thank you Wendy!

Now, while I can't show you the quilts in the book (you gotta wait!) I think I can give you a few hints!
First off....let me just say, that if you liked Tis the Season and you enjoyed Urban Country Quilts, then you will love this book!! I can't say if the name will remain the same, but it has been tentatively titled, A Bumper Crop of Quilts. It will have a fall flavour with the easy projects, warm earthy tones and chunky applique that you've come to recognize from us!

And surprise,! And that beige, brown, red, green combo we love so much!!

And when we proposed this book, we said we wouldn't be putting in any pumpkins! Can you believe WE said that!! So it might just come as a surprise when we send everything to Martingale........

and there ARE pumpkins!
So watch for book number 3 coming out in the Spring of 2013! We's a good one!