Friday, 21 December 2012

The WTF gift!!!

Its not everyday you receive a gift that makes you wonder wtf?? (For those of you who don't know what wtf means.... ask an 8 year old! Hee hee - just means What the F@#*!) I was the recipient of such a gift yesterday! It was given to me from Flo. A staff member here at The Quilt Patch.
Apparently the look on my face when I opened such gift was priceless...all I remember thinking is...WTF!? And then laughing! She gave me.....are you ready for this.....

A MERMAN!!! He even comes with his very own stand to ummm...swing from! Oh my we've had fun with him! I wanted to put him down in my office but the girls wouldn't hear of it!! They want him to remain in the upstairs office for all to admire! They've decided he needs a name - something sexy.....the name Jake was if any of you want to toss a sexy name out....Fred was squashed down already.....
So yesterday we tossed around different scenarios for ummm, Jake. We thought that Jake would be a fun addition on our cruise in February! I think Jake would look fabulous with a string around his neck dangling like a necklace while we teach the class on the cruise. We tossed around having Jake making his rounds to everyone on the cruise! If Jake arrives in your possession you must wear him until you can slip him to someone else without them knowing that Jake is now theirs to wear until they also can slip him to the next person!

However today at The Quilt Patch it's quite chilly - and with Jake being darn close to naked......

We thought Jake could use a scarf, and a festive setting! Again this morning Jake brought smiles, giggles and laughter to The Quilt Patch! There are plans in the works to make Jake a cape, and maybe some other articles of clothing!
Once again....December at The Quilt Patch is filled with laughs, good times and giggles!
So thank you Flo for such a fun, giggle inducing, wtf questioning gift!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Quilt Patch Christmas Party 2012!!

I know, I know, you sign up for this blog, you faithfully check the blog, you WANT to see what I will blog about....and then I ditch the blog for well over a month! Yep. I am a crappy blogger. HOWEVER.....I have some great pics and an amazing evening to share with you today! Last night was our annual Quilt Patch staff Christmas party! Every year Jeanne I start planning months in advance for a fabulous evening! Every second year we do a party where the husbands or significant others are invited, and this happened to be the ladies only year!
It does get harder and harder each year to come up with something fabulous to equally match the amazing time our staff had the previous year! Sometimes they talk about these parties for years! In previous years there have been scavenger hunts, limos, shopping races, cheesecake trophies, always amazing food, lotsa laughs and a great time! So this year we started with an amazing meal at a well kept secret here in Moose Jaw, Cordova Bistro. It's a cute Italian restaurant with amazing food and excellent service!

As the ladies were dining we presented them with the next phase of their evening (we NEVER tell our staff what our plans are for the evening in advance of the party!! NEVER! It's always a huge surprise!)

Luckily, the walk from the restaurant to the theatre was very short, cause look at these girls holding each other up.....

Ok that was a joke, it was very very icy, and you can't tell, but they are all wearing very cute, but not practical SK winter boots!

Now for those of you who don't know, Rory Allen is kind of a big deal here in Saskatchewan. He's an amazing Elvis impersonator, and a fun entertainer. I personally had never been to one of his shows, but i have to say, at first I kinda thought....oh geez....maybe this is a bit lame for our xmas party....but HOLY CRAP was i wrong!! It was a fantastic show and I would highly recommend if you ever have the chance to go and see him! He's a great singer and puts on a great show!

Soon he was out and wandering among the seats!! He was singing to Rebecca and Jo which was hilarious!!

And yes, that guy standing behind him, is his bodyguard. Not kidding! At first I thought it was a joke, but then he explained to the audience that he had to implement that after a show where women where acting like he really was Elvis and coming on stage and clawing at him and generally acting quite bizarre in my opinion! Obviously those ladies don't get out much!

We had a quick glass of wine, bathroom break and visits during intermission. Finally managed to get all of the girls in one spot for a photo!!

Front row from left to right:
Charlene - who keeps our books and does all that governmenty stuff for us!
Jeri - Our youngest staff member at 19 who could quilt circles around any of us!!
Jo - This one keeps the store running!!!
Flo - She teaches every class we hold!! You should see the groupies she has!!
Back row from left to right:
Yvonne - Jo's right hand!
Edna - Jeanne's Mom and pattern folder extroirdinare! Does way too much for us for nothing but wine!
Colleen - You may not see her here a lot - but she does all the planning for our Crescent Park Show!!
Rebecca - our UK import! The newest member of our staff!! Has fit in with us amazingly!!
Janice - our weekend girl! Soon to be starting a new phase in her life and we'll be saying good by!

Not wanting the evening to end, we made the quick walk back to the shop for a round of gift openings!
Jeanne and I bought some great gifts and each lady was able to choose a gift from under the tree, or was able to steal an already opened gift!

And lest you think...why would these ladies plan something for a Tuesday evening then make those poor girls come in the next day?? We gave each of those ladies the day off today.
Wanna know who is working today??

Yep. Us. Oh alright, and young Rebecca! Maybe we'll all take turns napping in the back room this afternoon!!

 So from all of us at The Quilt Patch to you and yours, have a very Merry Christmas!!!