Wednesday, 24 July 2013

where have I been?!

Soooooo.....where have I been?! Well not far that's for sure!!

Just when Jeanne and I thought we were done writing book number 4, and working ONLY 40 hours a week was feeling like a holiday.....alas, it wasn't to be! Along came Martingale asking us to submit more projects so this next book can be a larger book size. Apparently that's a big deal! Like maybe on par with Kim Diehl big deal! They gave us a lovely due date, but Jeanne had some holiday plans and we really needed to get them done before she left....which!
And we did! Scrambled to whip up 6 more projects for this next book! I can't show you the projects, but I can give you a hint!!! Think mittens and snowmen and holly leaves!!

And then theres the unfortunate fiasco of our Outdoor Quilt Festival. Darn that was hard to make the call to call it off! We've never had to deal with rain before! We had the rope up - the quilts sorted, our gazebo up, tables delivered, and everything hauled to the park!!
We stood in the rain waiting for it to let up for quite a while before finally deciding, that A - we had lost a few of our volunteers to the lightening (no, no, they are fine - just didn't want to join us standing under the trees while there was lightening!)
and B - even if it stopped raining and we hung the quilts - it's still damp outside, and it takes us at least 4 hours to hang the quilts. And wouldn't you know it - this year we had the most quilts to hang EVER!! It would have really made my heart sing if it had rained some more that day - but wouldn't you darn well know it!!! It didn't!! Ah well. If it was only our quilts, we may have gone ahead with it - but because we are in charge of taking care if so many other peoples quilts....we just couldn't take the chance! Thank you for understanding!!