Monday, 29 April 2013

Quilt Patch Party debriefing!

Wow!! Did we have an eventful weekend or what?!!
The Moose Jaw Prairie Hearts Quilters guild put on an amazing show and deserve a huge round of applause!! Their show was amazing, and I think everyone enjoyed the selection that the different merchants had to offer.
But The Quilt Patch Party....not THAT was something!!!! For those of you who braved the event, kudos to you! You ladies know a great deal opportunity when you see it and aren't afraid to use your elbows to get it! For those of you who missed it.....mark it on your calendar for 2015, cause that will be the next time this event will happen.
And thank goodness the weather held out!! Yay!! We started with a Tailgate party that included FREE hotdogs (yummy ones!!) and bottled water available to anyone who chose to wait for the doors to open at 7pm!

 It was so fun to go out and offer the ladies waiting FREE fabric and coupons for them to choose a free Quilt Patch pattern! We handed out mini chocolate bars to wash down those hot dogs with!!

We had most of our staff on, we couldn't work everyone 12 hours or more, we had to give them some time off!! So we actually had to hire some temporary staff for the event!! What good sports these ladies were! And we were soooon grateful to them for pitching in!!! Here's a pic of our team for the Quilt Patch Party:

From left to right, Jo, Jenny (imported staff!) Yvonne, Flo...and thats me with my ass stuck out to Yvonne. but we couldn't see Flo!! Jeanne with her arm around her Mom Edna (who is a real trooper when it comes to us needing extra help!!) behind Jeanne is Charlene (another import) behind Edna is Colleen, then Rebecca. Randi and Jeri on the end. These are the ladies who made sure everything went as smoothly as it could go with so many hot menopausal women in one location elbowing their way to even hotter fabric deals!!

Here are some of the hot deals we had going on.....

We had others, but I wasn't able to get as many pics as I had planned on taking!! I am hoping that in the next few days I can get a few more pics from our staff and show you!! And yes, every single hot deal we had sold out!! And yes, some people missed out on the deals. It's always sad for us that we can't bring in enough for everyone, but, we never know what kind of turnout we will get, and we can't predict how many items people will take, or if we've chosen wisely enough to appeal to our customers! Oh, and one more thing.....if we COULD predict exactly what our customers wanted every time, we'd be rich women and we would be laying on a beach somewhere in Mexico and there would be no Quilt Patch.....sooooo it's good that we don't always know isn't it?!

Thank you to everyone who braved the crowds to participate in our biennial Quilt Patch party! We hope it will be even bigger and better next time!! We hope you had a blast! Keep watching for more pics from that evening!!


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Quilt Patch Party weekend!

I feel like I have to start each blog with a confession....yes, I am a crappy blogger! Ok. There. Done. Now lets move on!
I always feel like I don't have a lot to say (if anyone shows this to my husband, i will deny, deny, deny that I wrote this!!) so once again, struggling to find a topic that might be of some interest, and around here the hot topic has been....The Quilt Patch Party!! If you've not attended or even HEARD  of it....I don't know where you've been!! It's the hottest (and good lord I do mean HOT!! Like really...a store full of menopausal women...whew!!) sale we host. And we only do it every second year. We started doing it in conjunction with the Moose Jaw Quilters guild biennial quilt show, (which is another fabulous reason to be in Moose Jaw April 27th!) and it's just been an absolute blast!
So this is the plan for this year (cause every year, we like to add or subtract things, based on our customers reactions!)

First of all - weekend specials. And I do mean SPECIAL with a capital S!! Truly. I've convinced Jeanne that for this weekend (April 26th, 27th and 28th) we will move all of sale closet (those of you who love shopping our sale closet will appreciate this!!) upstairs to our second floor and ADD tons and lots more goodies for you to enjoy throughout the weekend!! We will be going through our current fabrics, moving lots of them upstairs and they will be 60% off!!!
Heres just a little wee hint:

Ok, whatever you do....DO NOT tell Jeanne I gave you that hint!!! This weekend is about super top secret secrecy!! And HOT deals!! Ok, here's a few more things I do know...thread, some notions....some kits!! Patterns, and even some books. Those are just the weekend specials.
THEN....we move onto the QUILT PATCH PARTY SPECIALS.......

So to kick off the QP party - we are hosting a (get this!!) TAIL GATE PARTY! oh ya! FREE hot dogs, good looking men cooking them (ok, alright, bear with us - our husbands were the other ones who would work for free) and while you are enjoying those free hot dogs, standing in line (cause goodness knows - you DO want to be the first in the door to ensure you get some of these hot deals (more on those in a minute!!) we will periodically popping out between 6pm and 7pm and treating you!!! Thats right, we have giveaways and treats planned! You are gonna have sooooo much fun!!

Now, onto the doors opening for the QUILT PATCH PARTY at will be handed a flyer listing all the specials - and they are amazing - I mean, hold onto your hat amazing!!! Like start the car, you might feel like you are stealing amazing!!! And don't worry - this is not going to be stuff you just paid full price for 3 hours ago - oh no....we wouldn't do that to you! This is fresh product that we brought in and packaged beautifully just for you! Oh ya and that b*&^% racing you to the specials, so you'd best get your game face on and get your butt to them!!
Ok here's a hint......

And honest to pete - if I hear that even ONE of you has told Jeanne I was dropping hints.....I'm gonna be in some big trouble.....and I'll be forced to take you down with me! will be fabric bundles, maybe a notion or two. The quilt we will be unveiling for an amazingly awesome price for 2 hours only...and wine!! The wine will be the trophy after you've fought off all those other crazy, deal loving quilting ladies!

And no worries, we will once again have 2 till stations opened to help alleviate the traffic congestion.
Oh yaaaaaa, and the draw.......cant forget THAT!! You can put your name in for our draw ( one entry per person please) and at 8:30 that evening we will make the draw. The basket is usually worth a $500 value, but 2 years ago - Jo forgot to stop and the basket ended up having a $600 value!!! AND the best part is - you don't have to be in attendance to win, but if you are......we will toss in  a $100 gift certificate!!

So.....plan to attend. Try to remember that it REALLY WILL be wall to wall women. and depending on the weather, it might be hot! But, we will try and make it fun and the deals so fabulous that none of that other stuff matters! See you soon!