Friday, 6 December 2013

This and that and really freaking cold!!

So the holiday season is fast approaching and I am behind! As usual! My grandchildren are expecting to decorate cookies tomorrow evening and the cookies have yet to be made!! I have enough sprinkles to decorate all the cookies in and around Moose Jaw...and no cookies! Heck, they are young enough - they probably can't tell the difference between a boughten cookie and a baked cookie just yet!

What I imagine my cookies will look like.....

What my cookies are really going to look like!

For those of you haven never experienced the weather are having today here on the prairies, just imagine an icepick to the forehead, or breathing ice cubes into your lungs. How about permanently chilled to the bone? It was -43 C with the wind chill this morning here in Moose Jaw, SK!
Its plus 29C in Playa Del Carmen today.......just saying.....

It just so happens that i will be laying on this exact beach in....ohh.....22 days....not that I'm counting or anything!! (oh goodness yes i am!!)

Our annual Christmas Open House is happening here tomorrow and I had planned on wearing a cute dress that would show off my delicious blue shoes! However, with the weather the way it is - Im thinking long johns and pants are more the way to go! So instead, please enjoy this fabulous picture of my feet!

But do come in and enjoy some hot cider and goodies! As well, its the only day of the year to get your coupon book for 2014! Its sure to be a fun day - but do dress warm!!
Until next time!!