Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Our Customers Rock!!

We love it here when a customer brings something in to share with us! ESPECIALLY when they bring something in that they have added their own stamp to!
Such was the case the other day when Darlene brought in her Live Love Laugh quilt!
Now we had just revamped this popular pattern with new and fresh colors. Brought it back to life from the pastel colouring it once sported! And we were pretty happy with the results...that is until Darlene brought in her version to show us!!!

Darlene's version

The Quilt Patch version

Darlene made hers using the new Little Black Dress 2 fabric! Isn't it just stunning?! She also added and extra border to make it slightly larger! Now why didn't we think of that?! Makes me want to whip up her elegant version for my very own!  Thanks for sharing with us Darlene!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I thought I was going to blog about how we got water in the basement of the shop, and it ended up being a cracked pipe and we now have a hole in a wall in the front of our shop and we just covered it with a quilt....but....Jo said, NAH, that's boring - blog about whats new!! Our Babies!!
So here I am!! Blogging about our babies!

Katie Gray

Grandma Jo

So Jo has a new grandbaby!! She is the cutest little pipsqueek ever!  This is Jo's first grandbaby and she's head over heels!

Now if you recall my last blog post (yes, yes, I am quite aware it's been a long time.....!!) I posted a pic of Jo's fur baby, Tinsel. Sadly, Tinsel got sick and unfortunately the vets did everything they could for her but she had to be put down.
Jo and Tinsel

It was a very sad time, but Jo went back to the Humane Society and rescued Tinsels brother, Claus!! And is now the proud owner of fur baby number 2!!

Claus aka Kinzl
Now....not to be undone...I recently had to put my cat down after 18 years.  He was old, his body was shutting down and he was suffering. It's still a hard thing to do.
But after a little subtle hinting from my son... we went to the Humane Society..."just to look"...heehehe!

Meet Oli!! He's four  months old. A boy. And is super cuddly and loveable! I've had him less than 24 hours now, and I think I've received more love from him in that time than I did in all the 18 years we owned our last cat! So now that you've met our fur babies, let me know if you still want to know about the cracked pipe!!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

What's new and exciting at The Quilt Patch!

So much happening here this month! Little Black Dress 2 hit our doorstep the other day! It's so amazingly gorgeous! We haven't made anything using it just yet, but we are thinking about a Variety Show! A great way to showcase the fabric!

Little Black Dress by Basic Grey for Moda

It's been flying out of here without any inspiration, but no worries, we do have another full collection slated to arrive sometime in February or March!
But don't wait too long - cause already we can't re order certain pieces! Sold out and discontinued! That's the fabric industry for you! 
Love it? Buy it now or its gone! Very little goes into reprint now a days.

So Jeanne and I are busy planning for the Spring show season and Spring Quilt Market all at the same time! Spring show season - springy and fresh - Spring Quilt Market - Wintery and snowy!
Heres a sneak peek at some of the new items you will see in our booth at shows this spring:

Berrylicious is a nice large quilt - 68" x 80". Very simple, but delicious! It's a limited edition kit - once the fabric is gone - the kit is gone.

Forever Red is also a limited edition kit - and we only have a  smaller amount than we normally would - so if you really really like this quilt - do not wait!! It's very fast, those small squares....all presewn fabric!! Doesn't get much simpler then that!
This quilt finishes at 56" x 67"
Live Laugh Love is a pattern we have many years back, some of you may remember it done in pastel colors. We decided to revisit this quilt as it was always a favourite! We changed it up a bit, freshened the colours, revamped the pattern.
This quilt finishes at 56" x 68"
I don't have a price on this kit yet - but Jeanne will bring that to me very soon so I can make labels for the kits!

A Charming Chevron Quilt is something we whipped up so you could have another idea of how to use all those delicious charm packs you may be hoarding! We used three charm packs and 2.7 of contrast fabric. That will give you a quilt 59" x 75"
This pattern also has the yardage requirements for a queen size quilt.
The best part....this pattern is only $3!

Here's a quick peek at a new quilt that you won't likely see until the Fall of 2014 - but we will be wholesaling the pattern at Spring Quilt Market:

This quilt is called Snowball Fight!!
It's the perfect lap size for winter - 52" x 64"!

OK.....now for the very best NEW thing at The Quilt Patch...........

Meet Tinsel. Jo's new kitten! A rescue cat from the Humane Society! Isn't she just a beauty! 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014!! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season!! In case you didn't know - I celebrated New Years in the Mayan Riviera!! Ok, alright, truth be known, I babysat my grandchildren while my kids went out...cause quite frankly - Im just too old to stay out until 4am!!
So if you look closely, you will be able to see that I'm wearing the red bikini under that coverup!!!
Oh yes I am!

We had a fabulous holiday and I would love to do it again one day! My grandchildren enjoyed themselves immensely! So did the adults, and I think I may have turned on my daughters 'travelling switch'!

So Martingale complied their list of their top 10 books for 2013 and Tis the Autumn Season was number 4 on that list!!! Yay!!

Our next book - Here Comes Winter will be released in June!! Keep checking our blog, Facebook page and website for the book cover to be shown soon!! It s spectacular if I do say so myself!!

Friday, 6 December 2013

This and that and really freaking cold!!

So the holiday season is fast approaching and I am behind! As usual! My grandchildren are expecting to decorate cookies tomorrow evening and the cookies have yet to be made!! I have enough sprinkles to decorate all the cookies in and around Moose Jaw...and no cookies! Heck, they are young enough - they probably can't tell the difference between a boughten cookie and a baked cookie just yet!

What I imagine my cookies will look like.....

What my cookies are really going to look like!

For those of you haven never experienced the weather are having today here on the prairies, just imagine an icepick to the forehead, or breathing ice cubes into your lungs. How about permanently chilled to the bone? It was -43 C with the wind chill this morning here in Moose Jaw, SK!
Its plus 29C in Playa Del Carmen today.......just saying.....

It just so happens that i will be laying on this exact beach in....ohh.....22 days....not that I'm counting or anything!! (oh goodness yes i am!!)

Our annual Christmas Open House is happening here tomorrow and I had planned on wearing a cute dress that would show off my delicious blue shoes! However, with the weather the way it is - Im thinking long johns and pants are more the way to go! So instead, please enjoy this fabulous picture of my feet!

But do come in and enjoy some hot cider and goodies! As well, its the only day of the year to get your coupon book for 2014! Its sure to be a fun day - but do dress warm!!
Until next time!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A peek at our next book!!!

So I just want you to know that I have taken a lot of flack for my hiatus from the blogashere!
Yes and I do feel suitably guilty!
So I thought today I would put together something really exciting for my grand entrance back into the blog world!!! A SNEEK PEEK!!! Cause who doesn't love to be in the know!??

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

where have I been?!

Soooooo.....where have I been?! Well not far that's for sure!!

Just when Jeanne and I thought we were done writing book number 4, and working ONLY 40 hours a week was feeling like a holiday.....alas, it wasn't to be! Along came Martingale asking us to submit more projects so this next book can be a larger book size. Apparently that's a big deal! Like maybe on par with Kim Diehl big deal! They gave us a lovely due date, but Jeanne had some holiday plans and we really needed to get them done before she left....which was...today!
And we did! Scrambled to whip up 6 more projects for this next book! I can't show you the projects, but I can give you a hint!!! Think mittens and snowmen and holly leaves!!

And then theres the unfortunate fiasco of our Outdoor Quilt Festival. Darn that was hard to make the call to call it off! We've never had to deal with rain before! We had the rope up - the quilts sorted, our gazebo up, tables delivered, and everything hauled to the park!!
We stood in the rain waiting for it to let up for quite a while before finally deciding, that A - we had lost a few of our volunteers to the lightening (no, no, they are fine - just didn't want to join us standing under the trees while there was lightening!)
and B - even if it stopped raining and we hung the quilts - it's still damp outside, and it takes us at least 4 hours to hang the quilts. And wouldn't you know it - this year we had the most quilts to hang EVER!! It would have really made my heart sing if it had rained some more that day - but wouldn't you darn well know it!!! It didn't!! Ah well. If it was only our quilts, we may have gone ahead with it - but because we are in charge of taking care if so many other peoples quilts....we just couldn't take the chance! Thank you for understanding!!