Friday, 23 March 2012

Fridays at The Quilt Patch

Fridays here at The Quilt Patch are pretty fun! We host a 'Sew With Flo' day each Friday from 10 - 4. For $15, you can spend the day sewing your little heart out!
The idea behind our Sew with Flo days is that sometimes people need a little help finishing a project, and there's no class for that, or they just need a helping hand getting started on a kit they bought. Or they just want to come out learn a new technique or spend the day laughing and enjoying some companionship!
And because Flo is such an amazing quilter, and you just can't possibly stump her, she is our Friday leader! And she is here to help you in any way you might require. Periodically we have theme days for our Fridays and today was paper piecing day!

Which means you can either bring a paper piecing project you require help with, or just come and get a lesson on how to do the technique. Or you can choose to just sew on whatever you like!
No pressure!

Even Jeanne was up there sewing away today! Quilting a brand new baby quilt we'll be offering! The quilt is called Bunny Hugs and we've whipped up a boy version and a girl version! Jeanne was quilting the boy one!
Jeanne quilting

Bunny Hugs boy version

Bunny Hugs girl version
I ALWAYS go upstairs on Fridays, to say hello to all the ladies who come - some are regular Friday gals, others come and go depending on their time constraints....but the one consistent on Fridays.....THE FOOD!!! Oh my goodness! Look at todays treat!!

I know!! Sooooo delicious! There's always a huge amount of laughing going on up in the classroom, and these ladies are managing to get a lot of quilting done and able to move onto other projects. Our Sew With Flo Fridays have proven so popular that starting in the next session (watch for the newsletter around the end of the month) we will be holding some Sew With Flo Saturdays!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

FREE fabric?!

 Here's your chance to get some FREE Shasta fabric!!
Win this 12 piece Shasta fat quarter bundle!

Get onto Facebook - if you're not already on Facebook....sign up - its not difficult, and it's a great way to find out if you look better than your old classmates or your ex boyfriend is a fat shlump and you may have dodged a bullet!

Besides those things, Facebook offers a chance to keep in touch with the things you enjoy, such as
The Quilt Patch!!

Are you on Facebook now? Go on, I'll go to the Creativ Festival page (HINT - click on the words, it'll take you there!) ( I am making this WAY too easy for you!)
Now, LIKE the Creativ Festival page. Done that? Ok, now keep watching cause they are going to be offering you a chance to win this 12 piece Shasta bundle...tomorrow!! And don't worry girlfriends, I will pop this bundle of joy in the mail if you win!! AND....if you win, we will also toss in one of our super popular Hopscotch patterns so you can whip something up as soon as that bundle crosses your doorstep!

But wait! There's more! Heee heee, just kidding, I just couldn't resist!

Have any of you been to the Creativ Festival show in Mississauga in the Spring or Toronto in the Fall?
I adore that show!! It's so packed full of amazing booths, it's one of my favourite shows!
The Spring show will be:

April 27-28, 2012 (Friday & Saturday)
International Centre, Halls 1 & 2
6900 Airport Rd.
Mississauga ON

And The Quilt Patch will be there with a huge booth full of all the latest and greatest we have to offer!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shasta has arrived!!

  So our fabric FINALLY arrived! Yay! Shasta is in the House!

So we've been busy cutting fat quarters, which has been a huge job! We're getting them all packaged up so we can get them shipped out to all who pre ordered! It's very exciting to see our name on the selvedge!
Ok....I gotta get back to fat quarter folding!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sneak Peek at what's NEW for Spring!!

As most of you know, we make a whole new collection of quilts every Spring, and every Fall. And here we are just weeks away from heading into the Spring show season, working like crazy women!!
The latest items we whipped up using our Shasta fabric (which STILL HASN'T arrived!! It's like giving birth and we haven't gone into labour yet! Although as of this morning we do know the baby in Calgary!) Is Midnight Picnic and Floppy Daisy Runner!
Floppy Daisy Runner

Midnight Picnic
If you collected our long seasonal wallhangings, you'll be very excited to know that we now have the matching seasonal table runners! Well....most of them....keep watching for the Dreams runner! It's coming soon!
Hopes Runner

Blessings Runner

Wishes Runner
Still on smaller items - Flossy is brand new as of yesterday! Its a cute wool applique project that you can frame or finish as a pillow. The kit is $12.95, which I thought was pretty fabulous considering we've put the pattern in there as well!
Onto larger quilts, Trolley Square came about because we have such a delicious selection of flannels in stock right now! Don't let those stars fool you - Trolley Square is 67" x 81"
Trolley Square
The patterns are ready for all of the above, but this one......this one is very fresh! As you can see - it's kinda Fall - ish looking! We were trying for a Spring look, honestly, but we seem to do dark very well! Hopefully our customers will love it as much as we do, whatever the season! Pattern and kit coming soon!
Plum Pudding
Now this very fresh.....this is really a sneak peek!

Checkerboard...taking shape!

Flowers...stay tuned!

Keep watching for the finished results in this one! We have even more new items in store, and if you see us at a show this Spring - you'll see it all!
Until next time!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Quilting Cruise??

Can you believe people are using those 2 words in the same sentence these days?!

Jeanne and I recently stumbled upon this topic while chatting with Pauline from Hamel's fabrics!
Pauline told us she'd offered an Alaskan Cruise in the past and it was very well received by her customers, so after many glasses of wine (in her trailer, AFTER she turned the heat back on!) we decided we'd have a little look into this. And why go somewhere cold when you could go somewhere warm? (unlike Pauline's trailer!) trailer....Jeanne,

We questioned a few customers and discovered, that amazingly enough, this is something people are itching to try!! So we delved a little deeper...and with the help of a travel agent, have been making some plans for February of 2013!! Now, I'm going to give you a sneak peek at the itinerary, but remember - we don't have everything hammered out just yet so therefore have no prices to quote you just yet!
Ummm....HELLO.....who doesn't want to travel to these
warm places the first week in February!?
So looking closely (while you check your calendar!) you will notice Feb 3 and 4th are fun days at sea - replace that with - "Taking an exclusive quilting class taught by Shelley and Jeanne"!!  We plan to design something that will be especially for this cruise!
Oh girls, think about it.....quilting, shopping, eating, drinking, dancing, eating, talking, beaches, shopping, all with a bunch of like minded woman!! How much fun could this be??! Honestly, I can hardly contain myself! This could be the best holiday EVER!!!

And not only that, but listen to this!!! This Carnival Cruise ship is still being built!!! Oh my goodness, a brand new ship!!! Woo hoo!

So give Jeanne, Pauline and myself a little time to work with our travel agent, crunch numbers, and get more info out to you, but in the meantime.....if this IS something you think you'd like to embark on with us, let us know!!! We'd love your feedback!!