Thursday, 1 March 2012

Quilting Cruise??

Can you believe people are using those 2 words in the same sentence these days?!

Jeanne and I recently stumbled upon this topic while chatting with Pauline from Hamel's fabrics!
Pauline told us she'd offered an Alaskan Cruise in the past and it was very well received by her customers, so after many glasses of wine (in her trailer, AFTER she turned the heat back on!) we decided we'd have a little look into this. And why go somewhere cold when you could go somewhere warm? (unlike Pauline's trailer!) trailer....Jeanne,

We questioned a few customers and discovered, that amazingly enough, this is something people are itching to try!! So we delved a little deeper...and with the help of a travel agent, have been making some plans for February of 2013!! Now, I'm going to give you a sneak peek at the itinerary, but remember - we don't have everything hammered out just yet so therefore have no prices to quote you just yet!
Ummm....HELLO.....who doesn't want to travel to these
warm places the first week in February!?
So looking closely (while you check your calendar!) you will notice Feb 3 and 4th are fun days at sea - replace that with - "Taking an exclusive quilting class taught by Shelley and Jeanne"!!  We plan to design something that will be especially for this cruise!
Oh girls, think about it.....quilting, shopping, eating, drinking, dancing, eating, talking, beaches, shopping, all with a bunch of like minded woman!! How much fun could this be??! Honestly, I can hardly contain myself! This could be the best holiday EVER!!!

And not only that, but listen to this!!! This Carnival Cruise ship is still being built!!! Oh my goodness, a brand new ship!!! Woo hoo!

So give Jeanne, Pauline and myself a little time to work with our travel agent, crunch numbers, and get more info out to you, but in the meantime.....if this IS something you think you'd like to embark on with us, let us know!!! We'd love your feedback!!


  1. Oh My Goodness! I might just be interested, and I have a couple of friends who might want to join.

  2. That is so awesome Edith! Keep watching for more details!