Thursday, 23 February 2012

Where the Magic Happens!

I really wanted this blog to be about the 'behind the scenes' stuff at The Quilt Patch, so I decided to take a few pics and show you a little bit of my sewing room in my home. No....I don't call it a's far too small for that!
My old cupboard that houses odds and ends and part of my S collection!

This cabinet houses odds and bits, treasures, buttons and thread, fusible webbings and interfacings. Below is where I keep books and patterns. And as you can see.....I collect 'S''s! This is just a small portion of my S collection. One day I plan to actually get my S collection up on the wall! For now, there's always something else that requires my attention!

I have a gorgeous system in my closet! The wire baskets are from Superstore, and the shelving was custom installed according the the height of my baskets! Most people imagine I have tons and tons of fabric, but in reality, I am a 'project specific' purchaser! I do have some stash as you can see, but not as much as you might think!
I do love my polka dot sewing stool!

I have an ingenious system of baskets in which to store un finished
projects and odds and ends!

Another S!
And this next picture is purely for your entertainment and amusement.........
My daughter brought her mending over......hahahahaha!

I wish my room was glamorous and amazing....but it's not! It's simple, unfinished, not that large....and kinda messy! Watch for a blog involving Jeanne's sewing room coming one day!! She's way tidier than I am!!

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