Thursday, 2 February 2012

Radio Podcast

So we did a LIVE internet radio interview with Mark Lipinski yesterday! And lived to tell about it!
For those of you that know Mark, he's funny, energetic, inviting....and a bit of a loose cannon! As in, you're just not sure what he might say next! We love Mark, we've had him here at The Quilt Patch to teach, but an uncensored radio interview with Mark?! Sheesh! Anything could happen! Alas, he didn't give away all of our secrets!
Mark Lipinksi
As it turned out, he was very gentle with us! His questions were great and we had a very good time with him! It would have been much easier if we were all sitting in the same room and not on phones!
Mark's internet radio show is a 2 hour show he host every week on It's a wonderful show and I highly recommend you listen to the archived podcasts!  Especially the one dated 02/01/2012!

Click here to go to Mark's internet radio show!

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