Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Quick Quirky Facts!

Did you know:

The building that houses The Quilt Patch was built in 1911 and was originally a bank? And that it features the original tin ceilings and wood floors?

That our first book Tis the Season is in its 6th printing and is considered a best seller?

The dog that appears in Tis the Season is owned by Mary Burns from Martingale? All the photos were shot in here home!

A UK book review on Urban Country Quilts talks about how 'happy' we look in our author photo? If only she knew, we're actually a little tipsy!

We are currently working on our 3rd book and second fabric collection?

Why we take our Office Manager, Jo, to Quilt Market with us? Cause by May, she's the only one of us that knows which way is up!


  1. I love, love, love your first book! I bought it last year on the way to HMQS in SLC and my friends teased me about sleeping with it, cause I fell asleep every night looking at it! :-) Have the second and really looking forward to the third! Hoping we can catch up with you when you come to Calgary in the spring!

  2. I love that story Stephanie! Too funny! I'm glad you enjoy our books, thank you!
    Third one will be out June 2013....I know....a long way off! It's kinda like giving birth!