Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sewing Struggles

Well I had to have a good laugh at myself last night...for someone who is supposed to be a
'quilting professional' earning her living in the quilting industry.....I totally struggled to sew together a simple checkerboard last night! Remember that the next time you have to rip something out!!
Anything that could go wrong....did!
I'd like to say I read the instructions, but I didn't because there were none! We're working on a new pattern and what I had was Jeanne's scribbles on a piece of paper - not that that is any excuse!
Who struggles to sew squares together?! Me apparently!
How can sewing this simple checkerboard
be so difficult?
These stars actually finish at 30" x 30" it's not even like I can blame it on their tiny little size!!
Watch for this quilt to be completed and turned into a pattern very soon! It'll be debuting at our Spring shows! Made out of flannel! I guarantee you will love it! (and it's really easy too! I promise!)

The birth of a new pattern!


  1. If wine was involved at least I could blame it on THAT!!

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