Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Facebook Frustrations!

Hello All!

So I try to post interesting and new things on our Facebook page - and now it seems like only if I PAY, will you all get to see what I am posting!! I find it extremely frustrating!
I have been tossing around the notion of setting up some sort of group or club that we can all post in and have a little more interaction and sharing! That way no one has to PAY to see someones post. We can call it the Quilt Patch groupies? The Quilt Patch Club?
Watch for it!

So what's new here.......well, we have decided that taking off only one season of shows was enough for us! Ha! You will see us at the Edmonton and Calgary Creative Stitches shows in September!

We have been quilting like crazy on our new APQS Millie!! It's pretty delightful getting all these quilts completed!

The next certification class is this Saturday, August 22nd! 3 hours and you will be set and ready to rent and finish your quilts! Call or drop and email to reserve your spot!

Im busy working on our next newsletter, lots if interesting things coming up! 
Watch for something exciting coming in October! 

We have lots of new fabrics arriving soon!
Watch for the Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds Paper

 Thats coming any day. We will also be receiving the Ink version as well! That should be shipping more into September!

Have you heard that we ordered the complete collection of Cotton and Steel basics?
So delicious!

And of course, more Tim Holtz fabrics will be arriving into October!! And more of course, these are just the new and unique!

Have a fabulous week!
Follow us on Facebook and I will see about starting a group!
Until next time - happy quilting!