Friday, 21 December 2012

The WTF gift!!!

Its not everyday you receive a gift that makes you wonder wtf?? (For those of you who don't know what wtf means.... ask an 8 year old! Hee hee - just means What the F@#*!) I was the recipient of such a gift yesterday! It was given to me from Flo. A staff member here at The Quilt Patch.
Apparently the look on my face when I opened such gift was priceless...all I remember thinking is...WTF!? And then laughing! She gave me.....are you ready for this.....

A MERMAN!!! He even comes with his very own stand to ummm...swing from! Oh my we've had fun with him! I wanted to put him down in my office but the girls wouldn't hear of it!! They want him to remain in the upstairs office for all to admire! They've decided he needs a name - something sexy.....the name Jake was if any of you want to toss a sexy name out....Fred was squashed down already.....
So yesterday we tossed around different scenarios for ummm, Jake. We thought that Jake would be a fun addition on our cruise in February! I think Jake would look fabulous with a string around his neck dangling like a necklace while we teach the class on the cruise. We tossed around having Jake making his rounds to everyone on the cruise! If Jake arrives in your possession you must wear him until you can slip him to someone else without them knowing that Jake is now theirs to wear until they also can slip him to the next person!

However today at The Quilt Patch it's quite chilly - and with Jake being darn close to naked......

We thought Jake could use a scarf, and a festive setting! Again this morning Jake brought smiles, giggles and laughter to The Quilt Patch! There are plans in the works to make Jake a cape, and maybe some other articles of clothing!
Once again....December at The Quilt Patch is filled with laughs, good times and giggles!
So thank you Flo for such a fun, giggle inducing, wtf questioning gift!

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  1. For some reason Magic Mike comes to mind...not sure why, lol! That is hilarious. Great gift.