Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Well I will be the first to admit that I am not very good at this whole blog thing. However in my defence, can I just say I always feel like I have nothing of real importance to say!!! So today you will get some randomness from me!
It's the first day of school and I officially have no one off to school this year! That's right - my youngest is done high school and taking this year off so....no one! (how I got to have children this age I will never know!)
How's this for random.....I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago and it is still healing. Wow!! At my age (39) you'd think that something like that would heal just a little quicker. Below is a picture of what it looked like about one week into the sprain. And really, that picture totally does not do the bruising any justice!

It was awful! And I don't even have a good story!!! I was walking and then I wasn't. Sad but true. I just stepped wrong and went down. AND had to hobble home!! So not only have I had a swollen painful ankle all summer, but I haven't been able to wear any of the fabulous wedge heels I own!!

So the next random thing I want to talk about is the Little Black Dress collection by Basic Grey for Moda. O. M. G! This stuff is literally flying off the shelves here!!!

You can see what we've whipped up with it, we call it A Night Out. It finishes at
54" x 60" and the kit is $79.95.

And how about this for random....meet my  newest family member.........

His name is Charlie and he belongs to my daughter! Isn't he just the cutest grand kitty ever????!

Ok, so my real excuse for not blogging...I have been away! Like on holidays?! Not something I usually indulge in, but it was a family get away (minus my youngest son....whose girlfriend was more important than hanging with his family!) and we rented a condo in Canmore, Alberta and had a very fun time!

If you have never been out that way,
Canmore, Banff, etc. I beg you to add
that to your bucket list!!
It's so amazing to see this area!
I won't bore you with all 489 pics I have!

But I will tell you that I'd be happy to show you a few more if you just drop me an email! Lol!
My daughter was the 'official' photographer on this trip and she gave me a ton of fabulous photos!

So my family, minus me of course, cause I took this one!
My daughter Sarah, my husband holding the most beautiful granddaughter in the world, my oldest son Brian standing beside his wife Raesean, who has her arm around my grandson Aiden.
Missing of course is my youngest son Jared!

Missing son ------------->

So check out these fun pics, I'd say that my grandchildren are a chip off the old block quite frankly....

Now my daughter and I have this thing we like to do when we are together....let me show you what it is!

Are you getting a pretty good sense of what it is?? And if you notice...we have the same cheesy smile!

And here is one of my favourite pics...I have no idea why it appeals to me so much......heck, I don;t even know what they were looking at!

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