Thursday, 1 November 2012

Winter decor!

The day after Halloween and here we are changing things around in the store, hanging Winter and holiday quilts, creating a more Christmasy feel! Things are moving way too quickly these days!!

There was a customer in the store as Jeanne was hanging these quilts and a little surprised to see her prancing around on those shelves! But let me just let you in on a little secret.....Jeanne is never going to win any safety awards! And I've been watching her do it (and frankly - this is nothing!) for 10 years now, and I can assure you, she's only fallen once! Her climbing around on rickety shelves, tables and ladders doesn't even faze me anymore!

So the store is starting to look all Christmasy and it's only November 1st! But really - we waited!! Not like the big players, Wal Mart, etc. They pull out the Halloween candy as soon as Easter is over - and you just wait - by this morning there will be little chocolate santas where the mini chocolate bars were yesterday!! And so it goes!
It's kinda like me trying to buy a swimsuit off season!! I want it for our cruise in February, but should have bought it back last March when they put them out in the stores!!! Heck, they're sold out or have moved on to winter jackets by the time the temperature in Saskatchewan makes wearing a swimsuit acceptable!

Soon the snow will be flying and the Christmas wrap still in our garbage cans, the euphoria of the holiday season winding down, and that my friends, is when the bikinis will go on the store shelves!

What I wished I looked like on the beach in a swimsuit!

What i really look like on the beach in a swimsuit!

Following that trend, you will see our new book arrive in May titled Tis the Autumn Season - Fall Quilt and Decorating Projects. That's right - Autumn! Lol! But this way you will have time to whip up all those delicious projects before the Falls season is upon us!

SNEAK PEEK of one of the quilts in our new book!!
Until next time - I will be the one eating the left over Halloween chocolate bars while cruising the web looking for the swimsuit that will make me look like a rock star on the beach! All the while praying for cellulite to come into vogue!
S xo


  1. Ack! Jeanne looks like a monkey. The store looks amazing. When can I move in? And Shelley , you look better than the chic in pink!

  2. SHelly...YOU CAN look like that on the beach...You just need the pink suit. And unfortunately, it was to your disadvantage because, like you said, the winter jackets are out and swim suits are none to be found!!