Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I thought I was going to blog about how we got water in the basement of the shop, and it ended up being a cracked pipe and we now have a hole in a wall in the front of our shop and we just covered it with a quilt....but....Jo said, NAH, that's boring - blog about whats new!! Our Babies!!
So here I am!! Blogging about our babies!

Katie Gray

Grandma Jo

So Jo has a new grandbaby!! She is the cutest little pipsqueek ever!  This is Jo's first grandbaby and she's head over heels!

Now if you recall my last blog post (yes, yes, I am quite aware it's been a long time.....!!) I posted a pic of Jo's fur baby, Tinsel. Sadly, Tinsel got sick and unfortunately the vets did everything they could for her but she had to be put down.
Jo and Tinsel

It was a very sad time, but Jo went back to the Humane Society and rescued Tinsels brother, Claus!! And is now the proud owner of fur baby number 2!!

Claus aka Kinzl
Now....not to be undone...I recently had to put my cat down after 18 years.  He was old, his body was shutting down and he was suffering. It's still a hard thing to do.
But after a little subtle hinting from my son... we went to the Humane Society..."just to look"...heehehe!

Meet Oli!! He's four  months old. A boy. And is super cuddly and loveable! I've had him less than 24 hours now, and I think I've received more love from him in that time than I did in all the 18 years we owned our last cat! So now that you've met our fur babies, let me know if you still want to know about the cracked pipe!!

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  1. The Fur Babies are cute, but don't come even close to Katie!!! Love all her hair! Sorry, don't really want to hear your story about your cracked pipe, unless you want to swap stories - my son and his wife have had very low water pressure and finally found the reason - in the basement of their old abandoned house across the way. I really hope 'your' water problems didn't ruin any merchandise. And see, quilts have more than one purpose! HUGS... and stitches