Friday, 6 January 2012

Back at 'er!

Well it's 2012 and we are back in the saddle! After admittedly slacking off the month of December, we are back designing, creating, sewing, scheming and generally getting done what we've been procrastinating over!
Jeanne and I have started working on a new fabric collection! Even though our first fabric collection, 'Shasta' doesn't ship until February, it's a long process from beginning to end so we are back to the drawing board....literally! We design in a bit of an archaic method, but it works for us!
We've also got the go ahead from Martingale and Co for another book! Yep, working on book #3! This book will release in 2013. Again, a long process from beginning to end! While I can't show you the actual projects from the book, I can give you a few hints as to what you might see!
A book #3 project waiting to be sewn!
You will see the dark rich colours we favour! The photo above will be a completed project soon! I think it's might be my favourite project yet and it's not even made! So excited for this one!
You will see applique!
Oh yes, always applique! You will see flowers in book 3! This is just a small peek at an unfinished project for the book!
Simple piecing
We like to make sure the projects in our books have a really good mixture that appeals to a wide variety of quilters, so you will see some simple pieced projects. The scrunched up quilt in the photo above is another actual unfinished project from the book, however, it would give it away of you could see the block, and it has to be a surprise!!! I'm excited about this quilt! It's a simple 2 colour quilt with a unique block design. The type of pattern that lends itself to a huge variety of colours and fabrics! I think the choice are going to be endless with this one! And it makes me want to whip up many colour versions!
Rick Rack and Buttons
It doesn't come as a surprise that you might see rick rack and buttons does it? If you know us well, this shouldn't surprise you!

Jeanne's Inbox!
So right now, this is what book #3 actually looks like! Yep, random papers, scribbles and notes. Fabric for projects waiting to be completed, calculations and ideas!
So if everything goes according to plan....and sometimes our plans change mid should see everything I've just showed you, plus a fabulous scrappy fully pieced quilt with an amazing border, some flying geese will make an appearance, a sunflower or two, big chunky applique, wool, and much more!

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  1. Wow! A 3rd book and 2nd fabric line! You and Jeanne are amazing! Keep up the great work!