Friday, 23 December 2011

"working" Dec 23!

It's hard to be diligent when it's December 23rd! And so we had 'day off' at work today! Jeanne and I had planned something a little extra for Jo and Yvonne, our two full time girls, who keep us on track! We had secretly made an appointment for the two of them to get pedicures this morning! We thought this would be a most excellent way to greet Christmas morning, and a little perk for these two hardworking ladies! Unfortunately, Jo ruined all of our best laid plans by having a pedicure the day before!! And how could we send Yvonne my herself? That's no fun! So we decided to give Yvonne a pedicure ourselves!
Jeanne giving Yvonne and pedicure!

Bright and Festive!

As for Jo, she's been feeling a bit overwhelmed, with working full time, having border guys at her home, getting ready for Christmas.....she was sure she'd be up until 4 am wrapping gifts, so Jeanne kindly offered her services to help Jo wrap! You didn't have to ask Jo twice! She came to work with an assortment of wrap and laundry baskets full of gifts!

Now my wrapping skills seriously lack, and if my gifts looking like this under my tree, my family would instantly know, I didn't do this!! Jeanne made Jo's gifts (and one of mine!) look absolutely amazing!!

It wouldn't be the Christmas season here if I didn't mention Jo's poppycock! OH MY GOD!! It is the most divine stuff ever!! I start nagging Jo fairly early in the season for her poppycock, and she rations me....but today she brought a bucket! Yum!
Thanks Jo!!
To make the day even more complete, we ordered lunch for the girls, chicken strips and sweet potato fries! Nothing but the best for our staff!
Jo and Yvonne and their trashy lunch!
And no, we didn't MAKE them wear the reindeer antlers and the jingle bell Santa hat....that was their choice! You wouldn't catch me wearing one of those! It might mess my hair.......

Jo and Jeanne wrapping gifts! 
After seeing that last picture, you've gotten a glimpse at the organized chaos of our main floor office! Behind Jeanne are pics of her grandchildren, behind Jo, notes to herself about what needs to be done!
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of our day so far! Don't kid yourself, our girls work incredibly hard throughout the year, and we like to give them days like this (and the 24th off!) to let them know how much we appreciate them working for us, because frankly, the pay sucks! We can't pay these two girls, or the rest of our staff, what they are truly worth to us!
From our families to yours, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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  1. The pay helps but great people to work 'with' [instead of for] and love of the job is something some people can only hope for. Kudos to your staff for their work and dedication. You and Jeanne are the best; keeping the workplace humming and happy!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!