Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tattooed Quilters?

Ok, so not your typical quilt shop blog post, but I did say this was the behind the scenes stuff!!
Tattoos and quilters, it does seem an unlikely combination doesn't it? Well, times are turning, and I think you either like tattoos, or you don't. Here at The Quilt Patch you may or may not know that many of our staff have tattoos! Does that surprise you?
If you've come in to the store on a warm day, you have seen one or more of these tattoos displayed! Yvonne sports 6 tattoos now! Some represent her family, while others are simply because she liked them! Her most recent is an Asian symbol for sisters! Her and her two sisters now have matching tattoos in the same spots on their legs!

This tattoo represents Yvonne's children

Yvonne and her husband got
matching tattoos for their
35th wedding anniversary!

Yvonne and her sisters
have matching 'sister' tattoos

Our newest staff member, Jeri looks the sweetest most innocent little thing! Don't let her fool you! She's smart as a whip, knows her quilting like a pro, sports 2 tattoos and is just 19 years old!
Meet Jeri!

Sneaky kinda hidden tattoo!

Jeri's leg!

I can't possibly leave out our princess Nikki! Although she recently left us for a 'real' job, she stops in for visits, continues to participate in our staff functions and will no doubt crash the staff Christmas party!

Nikki has four tattoos, buttons on her wrist 
to signify her and her two sisters, each of her sisters has the same tattoos!
She has a star on her other arm, a beautiful purple pirate ship on her leg and flowers on her back!

Nikki's back

As for Jeanne, no tattoos, but most of her children have tattoos. She's not opposed, just not for her.
Flo - no tattoos although both her daughters do!
Jo - not yet.......we think if she can overcome her pain threshold she'll do it! Her children all have them!

As for me, I have 2 tattoos.
This tattoo has my children's names
and cherries blossom flowers that match one of my daughters tattoos

Does it surprise you that I have this large tattoo?
I am a rebel at heart!

My daughter and I enjoyed that bee so much we recently went back to get matching bee tattoos! I had mine added to my back, and my daughter sports hers on her forearm!
Mom and daughter matching bee tattoos!

Now my daughter Sarah isn't a 'regular' quilt all the time kinda girl, but she does enjoy making baby quilts for friends, and the most recent quilt she's whipping up has a pink background with old school tattoo appliques on top! Her and tattooed friend are making it together for a pregnant tattooed friend.
When it's complete I'll post the pic!
Just one of Sarah's many tattoos

So while it may not be for everyone, we certainly aren't your typical 'Quilting Grannies'!!


  1. What an awesome blog post! There are many of us who aren't your average quilting granny - nothing wrong with quilting grannies but quilters are really a varied group of women - hooray! I have a mental block about tattoos and needles...had my nose pierced instead :P And you probably know all about Karen McTavish's feather tattoos!

  2. Lol! Yes I do know about Karen McTavish's feather tattoos! Saw them with my own eyes at Market! LOVE them!
    I love your nose piercing, wish I had done that when I was younger!