Wednesday, 18 April 2012

After Hours!

So Jeanne and I just returned from Winnipeg where we worked at our booth during their amazing three day show! The hours are long after you factor in setting up and standing on those cement floors for so long, but we enjoy what we do! We also enjoy seeing good friends that we get to catch up with during show season! Friends like Pauline, from Hamels Fabric out in Chilliwack, BC.  We went out for dinner after the show closed on Saturday.....however because she didn't have a vehicle there and we had only a cargo van.....seats being limited, Jeanne offered to sit on an empty rubbermaid tub, and Pauline offered to drive!

As you can see, it was quite an adventure for Jeanne - and I was laughing so hard I could barely take the picture....which explains the blurriness!
After dinner we had another destination in mind......

Unh huh, that's right....

We went shopping!

Now as luck would have it - Pauline's hotel room was right next to ours! However....she got this ginormous African themed suite, with....


In case you are's carpet!! Not kidding - told you...African themed.
So after lots of great visiting, much wine, we all ended up:

So, I could have blogged about our booth. I could have blogged about the show. I could have blogged about lots of things....but I wanted to give you another 'behind the scenes' look at The Quilt Patch life!


  1. I'm already looking forward to seeing you both in Kansas City! Tell Jeanne we will save our Rubbermaid containers for her to sit on! Big hugs to you both. Thank you for the smile!

  2. So great to see you 'managed' to have some fun! Keep up the good work ladies....

    Connie :)