Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I Like Everything Chocolate!

Is chocolate a food group yet? Well it should be! I mean really...who DOESN'T like chocolate?!
I like my chocolate in all forms.....cake, bars, balls, melted....I even like my fabric kind dark and delicious!
Kind dark and sexy isn't it??

Espresso flannel bundle

The most popular bundles we sell right now are the Espresso bundles! Whether it's cotton or flannel, people are loving this colorway. I personally think these are great 'GUY' quilts! The colours are so rich, deep and delicious, with that hint of mocha! Whoever you choose to make this quilt for, your brother, maybe your son, or maybe a very special friend - you must be sure to back it with Plush Cuddle fabric....or Minky as it's often referred to!

I backed mine in black! And the quilting looks fabulous!! But the chocolate looks equally amazing!! Who wouldn't want to roll around naked in this quilt!? I certainly do!

Now wouldn't you know it, this always seems to be just my luck....I heard that very very close to the convention centre we were just at in the Toronto area, was not only a Lindt chocolate store....but better yet.....A LINDT OUTLET STORE!!!

My very favourite kind of chocolate, in an outlet store? That would kind of be like I'd died a little death! My two favourite things! Chocolate and a deal!! Sigh.....maybe next time.....

I love these chocolate balls!

Or maybe......just maybe.........someone will........

So next time you see a lot of DARK quilts in The Quilt Patch:

Remember.......sometimes a girl is just a little sweeter after a little chocolate!

Oh....and the wine can't hurt either!


  1. This is certainly not helping me with my diet! ;)
    Thanks for the comment on my Clothworks blog feature! Shiver Me Timbers is super cute and definitely my favorite so far. Congrats on Shasta!!!