Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Red and White!

So while Jeanne and I were working the Heritage Park Quilt Festival in Calgary, we stayed with our very very good friend Janet Samuels! It's always such a delight to spend time with her, someone who understands quilting like we do!
Now in case you haven't been keeping up with everything that's going on here at The Quilt Patch (and I can hardly blame you if you haven't been! I can hardly keep up and I'm living it!!) we are having a Red and White quilt display during our Outdoor Quilt Show on Sunday July 22!

But the night before, Saturday July 21st, we are having a dinner at the beautiful Temple Gardens Miner Spa Hotel, which also includes a guest speaker, which just happens to be....Janet Samuels!
Janet has caught the red and white bug! Big time! And Jeanne and I were able to get a small sample of what she will be showing you at the dinner! Without giving anything away, I wanted to offer you a tiny glimpse also to just wet your appetite, or like me....get you on the red and white bandwagon!!

You are going to be blown away when you see the amazing quilts Janet has to show you!
Now only does she have a stack of red and white quilts, but she's busy sewing up a storm!

I can't wait for you to see the quilt she's made using these teensy weensy little 3 inch stars!! AMAZING!!!

Hope that little preview sparked your interest! I know I came home from Calgary ready to whip up something red and white! If you are interested in attending the dinner, with speaker and trunk show, please call or drop an email, or come into the store for a ticket! Tickets are $45 each and seating will be limited.
Check our newsletter for more info on having a quilt displayed in the park!!

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