Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Back From Quilt Market!

Wow! What a trip! We were in Kansas City, MO for one week attending Quilt Market, and just returned late last night!
I think this may have been the largest convention centre we've been in yet!!

Jo - our office manager, wholesale manager, and general keeps us in damn line manager!

Not only do we attend Market as shop owners, but also as vendors. We have a booth and sell our patterns wholesale as well. We planned a Christmas theme for our booth, and because we have to ship our stuff across the border, (which is an adventure every time!!) we do work with a minimal amount of structure and 'fluff'!

Kind of a jumbled mess at this point!
Jeanne LOVES getting her picture taken!
So in order to make out booth look more Christmasy with minimal stuff shipped, we decided to ship a roll of wrapping paper and ribbon, scrounge empty boxes and.......

wrapped, wrapped, wrapped!

It did add a little something to the booth!
Here are a few more pics of our booth:

I wish I could explain exactly how HUGE International Quilt Market is!! It's ginormous!!
Let me try..... It's an industry show and open to shop owners, patterns designers, etc. You must have credentials to get in. Quilt market happens twice a year. It happens in October in Houston, TX every year, and in the Spring it moves around. So last year we were in Salt Lake City, Kansas City this Spring and next Spring we will be in Portland!

A view of the show floor from above

So the pics above are actually from Salt Lake City. It gives you some idea of how extremely large this show is. I read somewhere that if you walked up and down every single aisle in the show, you'd have covered 3-1/2 miles!! As well, Quilt Market combined with Quilt Festival (which opens to the public) is the LARGEST convention that Houston hosts every year. Now isn't that something!?

I'm going to post some more fun Market pics on our Facebook page - so be sure to check that out as well!

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