Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ever wondered?

Jeanne and I recently returned from our very final show of the Spring season. Ok... a show we have to pack the cargo van and travel too!

Red Deer, Alberta - last travelled to show of the season!

And as we were doing the show, a few people kept popping there heads over the counter we have at out till table, asking, "what's back there?"

Counter top where we have our till / checkout

Sooooooo.....I took a few pics! So I can show all of you what we keep back there!! (I'm not sure if the world is ready for this!)

Water. Actually - we bring a case of water with us!
Coffee mugs for coffee...and other things.
Kleenex - For Jeanne!
And as always - extra pamphlets!
Black licorice - strictly Jeanne's - yuck!
Chocolate......totally mine!
Sesame snaps - remember those?
Tic Tacs and Mentos - to hide the coffee breath!
Banana and baby tomatoes!
And....cherries!! Yum!
A girl has to keep her strength up during these shows!
So there you have it folks.....what's usually hiding under our counter top! Sometimes you'll also find crackers and cheese, almonds, baby carrots or maybe snap peas.
We do try when at all possible to hit a grocery store before each show to stock up on snack items to keep us going when we can't leave our booth! So if you happen to be passing our booth and my eyes are downcast....I'm not tired....I'm assessing what I can eat next!

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