Monday, 25 June 2012

A little facelift!!

There used to be a time when Jeanne and I would come into work and decide the shop needed a facelift! We'd spend a day or 2 moving things around, re hanging quilts, changing displays, making new ones.....well, that was 10 years ago! Before we were doing all the shows we do, writing books, attending quilt market twice a year, designing fabric and wholesaling our patterns!!
Today, if we want something like that to happen - it has to be done when the shop is closed.
Hence a Sunday! Jeanne spent all day yesterday ripping apart, moving around and rearranging the back of our shop!

We have so much stock at this point, and more on it's way....and we can't knock out walls! Good thing Jeanne is a master of using our space to it's full potential! However.....while it's happening, it does look like a bomb has gone off!

But when she look's so fresh and new back there! It was a huge surprise for our staff to wander into work and have their world turned upside down!

So now where was I when this huge transformation was taking place?? Well, I'm a pretty smart cookie....I wisely stayed in my office - did a little book work.....then I sewed on some book projects....then I went home! So the next time you are in the shop, and you think our shop looks amazing....stop and tell Jeanne that the Sunday she worked her butt off.....really paid off!

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  1. Good to see you again at Heritage Park, I am busy working on my Summer Dreams wall hanging. I am now a follower of your blog and will put you onto mine.