Thursday, 24 January 2013

Paris Flea Market, Red bikinis and FREE patterns!

So we leave for our quilting cruise in just 8 days!! Thank goodness cause this cold weather is making me crazy! I am chilled to the bone and have had about enough! Having said that, I ordered a bikini on line! Not just any bikini - but one that is flaming red and guaranteed to make me look younger and slimmer! (ok - I made that last part up!)

But if you're gonna wear a bikini - you'd best have some confidence, so watch out people, here I come!

Onto real quilting topics....some of you may remember this delicious collection that came out about ohhhhh, nine years ago or so. It was called Paris Flea Market and it was a collection by 3 Sisters for Moda. This collection was HOT!!! People just couldn't get enough of this soft collection. Well guess what??? They've brought it back!! I know! We couldn't believe it either!!

This is a really rare occurance. I've never seen it happen where they rerelease a collection like this.
But hey, We are not looking a gift horse in the mouth!!! We have this delicious collection coming in any day now!  We have a plan for it as well - so watch for the project! As well, you can go to the Moda website and download a free project sheet using Paris Flea Market.

As well we are bringing in the latest Primitive Gatherings fabric so we can do the Warm Winter Blessings Block of the Month program!

It's going to start in September 2013. We are not quite certain of the exact price just yet, but the quilt finishes at about 56" x 65". The snowmen are made with wool, which is all included each month.
Watch for more details in the coming months as we hammer them all out!

If any of you are interested in using up some of your scraps, I posted a FREE pattern on our website today!


So just remember - if you see something red and lumpy bobbing over in the Caribbean next week - don't be alarmed! It's just me, rocking my curves!!


  1. That is one fantastic red bikini! And I love the snowman quilt; may have to sign up for that one.

  2. What is the name of the cruise ship???? Perhaps we should call ahead and warn them of you all!!!!!! Have fun on the cruise!!!!

  3. I love that red bikini, That is really really hot