Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Day of Hookey!

Hello Folks!
Well if anyone reads this blog you know Shelley is away right now on a cruise with Jeanne. So who is this? This is Jo!  Office manager of the Quilt Patch. I know fancy title for a job that really means " girl that does a little bit of everything from looking after the office, and orders, to cleaning the bathrooms". So you kind of get the picture. Well the girls and I decided today that we should have a day of Hookey! So that is what we are trying to do. It's not working out too bad  we are still helping customers if one happens to stop in, and yes there have been a few. We did think about putting up a "closed for the day" sign but thought that might be pushing our luck a bit much. So I am now going to try and post a picture of our sewing room aka office! Here I go!
Hmmm Not sure if that worked apparently I am not very tekky!  Ya hoo!!! omigosh I did it! Ok Well there is Yvonne on the right and Rebecca on the left and my sewing machine at the front. A little crowded but it works!
Ok gotta get back to Hookeying just wanted to let you in on what was happening while the girls are away! I hope Shelley doesn't see this hehehe! Gotta say hi to Elaine cause I'm pretty sure she will read this! Keep the lid on this I don't wanna get in trouble!!

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  1. Hi everyone at The Quilt Patch!!!!

    AWESOME JOB!!!!!!! I think those two should leave MORE OFTEN. You girls all look like you were having a great day!!! (and you could always say you were sewing store samples!!!!!)