Saturday, 11 May 2013

To Market, to Market!

We are almost at the big day! Leaving for International Quilt Market!! This year it is being held in Portland, Oregon! We've been to this location before, and it's a wonderful city to visit! I love Quilt Market, but I usually come home feeling like I've been run over by a truck!!! It's a very busy week, and we do try to sneak in as much as we possibly can, and sometimes that means late nights, early mornings and no naps!!

So Monday morning we'll be flying into Seattle, renting a car and driving over to the Martingale offices. We're pretty excited to see the offices (I'll take pics for you!!) And put some faces to some of the people who work on our books!! We already many of them from Quilt Market - but some we only speak with via email or phone, so it will be really fun!
We'll be spending the night at Mary's place!  If you open your copy of Tis the Season ( our first book) and have a look at the house and photos in that book .....that's the house we are staying at!!! And we'll be meeting the dog in the book for the very first time!

The next morning we will make our way down to Portland, maybe get a wee little bit of shopping in along the way! I'm hoping to find some really great shoes along the way! I was telling some of the ladies who were doing a class at our shop yesterday the criteria I have for the shoes I want to wear to market....must be flat, but not super flat, cause thats hard on my back. Not heels, cause, thats hard to be in heels on the cement floor for 12 hours a day. They could be a little heel, but they have to be comfortable. And open toed, cause my feet get really hot. And they need to be slip on preferably. and I don't want old lady shoes. and they need to be able to match all the things I brought to wear, and they can't be runners, cause I'm not wearing runners, I don't care how much my feet ache. and they told me...with that much criteria...I am an old lady! Hmmmmm....ok....half way to old lady maybe.....

Once we get to Portland we will have to set up our booth, teach two schoolhouse presentations, one featuring our book that releases June 4th, Tis the Autumn Season and one that features our fabric that is shipping out to stores now!!
We will also have parties and get togethers and sample spree, and dinners, and maybe more shopping. We will have three days working the show, walking the show floor, meeting and greeting, book signings, and seeing familiar faces!

I promise to take pictures for you and blog when we return!
Until then....happy quilting!!

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  1. Shelley - i'm exhausted just reading about your upcoming trip. Have fun - and good luck on your shoe quest. Old lady shoes? Well - it's how you strut in them!!!!!

    Have fun