Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Home again, home again, Jiggitty Jig!

Finally home again!!
Wow! Quilt Market was fabulous as always!! We started our market adventures by taking an extra day and flying into Seattle, WA rather then Portland (where market was being held)

Flying into Seattle,WA

Martingale offices

because that's where the Martingale offices are located. And for those of you who are unfamiliar, Matingale and Company is who publishes our books! It was fabulous to be able to meet some of the people who work on our books, and be able to put faces to names!!
We spent the night at Mary's house - she works at Martingale, and it just happens to be where Tis the Season and Urban Country Quilts were photographed!
Flip to page 14 of Tis the Season....that is Roofis! Mary's dog! So we were able to meet him! I'd have to say that Roofis looks a little older and wiser then he did a few years ago!


Jo, Mary and Jeanne

The next morning we hopping into our rental car and made our way over to the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. We don't usually have time to do touristy things during market time, but this was a fun treat! We wandered antique stores, purchased some fruit for our drive, listened to some amazing singers outside of the original Starbucks store, and had a delicious lunch with an amazing view!

Oh wait! Another really fun thing we got to see at the Martingale offices was their new wholesale catalouge!!! The cover had OUR quilts in the front!!! Quilts from Tis the Autumn Season that releases in just a few days!!

So after the few hours we spent at Pike Place Market we headed down to Portland. What is normally a three hour drive....took us a whole lot longer for some reason........

Heehehehe! What can we say? And by the way.....those shoes.....all mine! Thats right, that totally doesn't include what Jeanne and Jo bought (don't judge me!!)
I have so many great pictures and stories from Market that I think I will spread them out instead of overwhelming you with all our adventures at once!! So keep watching for more in the Market series,  otherwise known as how many shoes did Shelley really bring home??? (here's your was more then what you see here!)

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