Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More Market stuff!

Ok the answer to the last blog post was........12!!! Thats right! I brought home 12 new pairs of shoes!
I know, it's ridiculous, but I can't help myself!

So Market is always fun, exhilarating, exhausting, energizing....all at the same time!

We set up our booth on the Wednesday. We decided to go bare bones this Market! Not a whole lot of extras as we didn't ship our stuff this time, we mailed it!! It was't terrible - we did manage to scrounge some extra carpet from the Clothworks booth!

We did two schoolhouses on Thursday. Schoolhouses are opportunities for us to teach other shop owners ways in which they can promote our book or fabric. Both went very well, and we have lots of fresh ideas for next year! The show starts on Friday, and there is SO MUCH to see!!
The show is very's hard to explain to someone exactly how large it is unless you've actually seen it!! It's not just a bunch of little old grannies setting up their wares on a table, it's an industry! and it's large!

This picture of a teensy portion of the market floor can't even truly give you the scope of the show.
There are two statistics that I once heard about Market that really stuck with me:

1. Quilt Market/Festival is the largest convention that Houston, TX hosts every single year.

2. If you walk up and down every single market aisle from beginning to end, you will have covered 3 miles!

(And you ask why I needed new shoes???!)

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