Monday, 2 June 2014

Spring Quilt Market debriefing - Number 6!!!

I am just rocking out these blog post aren't i??!!! For those of you who usually tell me i don't blog very often.....Im making up for lost time!!

The Market floor opens on the Friday - and it's hard to explain how large it is. The scope of it is overwhelming if you have never been there before.
I will show you some pics - but it certainly doesn't do it justice.

Now you realize that each photo is just a small portion of the show floor right?! I read a statistic once, that I am inclined to believe is true. It said that if you walked up and down every single aisle from beginning to end - you will have covered 4 miles!! 

Walking the show floor, seeing new fabric, patterns, notions, etc. is all very fun and exciting, but my favourite part of quilt market is seeing all our old friends and making new ones!!

John Q Adams aka Quilt Dad with Karen Burns from Martingale

Check out John's book Beyond Neutral! 
John was a real inspiration to me. I know what it takes to write a book - but Jeanne and I do it together. John is a single Dad raising 3 young kids, works full time, makes quilts, and still managed to squeeze out an amazing book! Check him out!
Terri from Whimsicals in her booth!

Terri having her picture taken with Colleen for Jo!

Taking selfies with Karen's camera!
A little surprise for the morning after!
Conner, Ramona and Colleen

Working so closely with the Martingale people is always so very fun! The opportunity to make new friends and meet other authors is always amazing!
Gail Pan and her crew were a ton of fun! These ladies flew over from Australia for Quilt Market. Gail's friends, Sandra and Ramona helped her work her booth while Gail was busy with book signings! Gail's book Patchwork Loves Embroidery, has been a huge hit! And thats no surprise - it's a lovely book and Gails handwork is impeccable!

Gail, Shelley, Jeanne, Sandra, Colleen, Ramona and Wendy!
Last meal in Pittsburgh!
And just so you know, I am always on my utmost best behaviour at Quilt Market........

Unless Karen is around....then all bets are off!! Hehehehee!
Until next time my friends!!

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