Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fun Guild Engagement!!

I know - by now all of you who really and truly do ready my blog, are wondering who I am and what have they done with Shelley who usually procrastinates writing this blog?!!! Im trying!!!

A couple of things to chat about today!!
Jeanne and i just returned from a very very fun engagement with the Bonnyville, Alberta quilters guild. They had us down to set up a shopping area:

 do a trunk show, and teach the very first class / workshop out of our new Here Comes Winter book!!!

We had a fabulous time with these ladies!! And there was a potluck lunch!! Woo Hoo! Doesn't get much better then that!!!

Next thing I HAVE to show you......Yvonne's quilt!! Wowsers!! Yvonne works here at the shop - and her dirty little secret is...she loves to make something out of nothing!! We all routinely give Yvonne our fabric scraps - and sometimes she even picks them out of the garbage can here at work! Most people would throw out scraps that Yvonne uses!!
So check out this stunner she recently completed!!!

She's amazing!!! There are over 12,000 pieces in this quilt. (i say probably more, but whose counting??!)

And I know you are all curious about my new lover....the one who keeps me up at night with all his affections. He's hairy chested, he brings toys to bed and likes to snuggle in very close.....

Yep....Mr Oli. Growing like a weed. Little snuggle muffin. I however don't enjoy playing 'throw the squeaky mouse' at 3am like he does!!!

And one more item on my agenda today.... do you buy Trends quilting magazine? If are going to see this ad for Here Comes Winter in it this month!!!

Until next time!!!

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