Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The wholesale area!

 As promised....more behind the scenes!
As most of you know, we do wholesale our pattern line internationally. We sell to a few major distributors as well, and when they order, they order LOTS!!! So we do like to keep a bit of stock for ourselves here at the store and for any orders we do get, so we can ship them our asap!

This is actually two areas, right outside of my office, which means....that's right...basement! And just in case you are starting to think my job is glamourous......

That's right.....a big old boiler! Right outside my office door, in what we call...."the wholesale area"!!

In our "wholesale area" the patterns are all alphabetized, to make it easy to find what we are looking for! Here's a little trivia for you...we have over 100 active patterns! We have plenty we have retired. Some we have pulled and put in our books, and some are on their way out. We wholesale approx. 40 of our patterns with distributors including our Block of the Month programs. Our top selling pattern this season has been the Snow Wish Pillow:
Snow Wish Pillow
Hope you enjoyed that little tour! Until next time.....


  1. HA! Well at least your office and the wholesale area are nice and warm! It's really interesting to see your set-up for your patterns. And very organized! And I can certainly see why the snowman pillow is popular - very cute! Thanks for more behind-the-scenes at The Quilt Patch!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world.