Saturday, 31 May 2014

Quilt Market debriefing - Part 4!!

I know right!! FOUR Blogs in a row!! With no "Months" between them!! And no one had to nag!

So let's see....where are we in the Market saga...schoolhouse day!
Jeanne and I did a schoolhouse for Martingale to promote our new book - Here Comes Winter, which releases on June 3rd! We gave everyone who attended a sneak peek of the projects in the upcoming book, and discussed how these projects can work in their stores.

I'm going to give you sneak peek when we get to the end of this post, but for now, lets back up a little bit....this is also the day I got to meet my very very good friend BILL LOCKE, face to face!!

Bill is currently living in Newfoundland, Canada and operates not one, but two quilt shops!! You really do need to check out Bill's shop, which is primarily based on Facebook.  He has an amazing selection of hand dyed wools and projects to go along with it! Oh and not to brag or anything, but Bill sells a LOT of our patterns! Heehehe! And that is how Bill and I met! via email! And we've become amazing buddies! I love him to pieces! do a lot of people!

Colleen loves Bill

Gail Pan loves Bill

Wendy and Ramona love Bill

Wendy loves Bill

Gail and I both love Bill!

Bill arrived in time to help Jeanne and I with our schoolhouse! He was the official quilt holder upper! Nothing like jumping in to Quilt Market with both feet!

So here is your little sneak peek for sticking out this blog post to the end!!

These are just a few of the quilts you will see in Here Comes Winter! We are very excited that this book is larger than our previous 3, so you will see many many more projects!!

Believe it or not - Part 5 is coming soon!!

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  1. How can we not love BIll!! He is one amazing guy and he loves what we all love................ Playing with fabric and threads !!! :-)